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What is AIM Listing Service?


AIM is an apartment listing service where apartment communities can advertise their available units to licensed real estate agents and apartment locators. We are the fastest growing apartment locating software in the country, available in 5 markets, with a growth plan to 18 markets over the next three years.


We have over 9,000 apartment communities in our database, 6,900 of them are paying a locator commission, and over 2,300 apartment locators receive our listings. In 2010 we adapted our platform to deliver unit level information, and currently represent 1.3 million units in our system.


We deliver solutions that help our clients overcome important challenges so they can excel in this competitive market. Our focus centers around legal compliance, transaction lifecycles, time management, efficient communication, customer management, and operational performance.

Why AIM Listing Service?


AIM is committed to advancing the capabilities of our service by working side by side with our clients to understand how their business is changing. We are dedicated to enriching the value of our service by leveraging our product and industry knowledge so our clients receive the support they need to grow.


We know our clients want an evolutionary software system that develops the new solutions our clients need to stay competitive. AIM compiles our user analytics to determine trends  and forecast growth. We subscribe to the real estate licensing board in each state to monitor the changes in the number of apartment locators in each market, and ensure we offer the most comprehensive database of locators to our property management clients. In addition, we listen to our clients and depend on our relationships to analyze the overall marketplace to make sure we are investing in the next generation of tools and solutions.


There are 18 total markets that use the apartment locating service. However, the changes in the rental landscape has increased the demand for apartment locators, and added some new markets that didn’t exist before 2008. When vacancy is hard to find, potential renters turn to apartment locators for assistance. The average transaction volume at locating companies has doubled in the last four years. To support client demand we are now integrating with third party property management systems to offer the seamless transfer of availability and pricing. Our innovative technology and modern delivery system allows us to deliver information to apartment locators in real time, and supply property managers complete control and security over the units listed.

Product Strategy


Our product strategy is to focus on one thing and be the best. We focus solely on tools needed to facilitate the apartment locating transaction. We add value to our clients by evolving our technology through extensive product and industry knowledge. AIM was designed to help our clients manage the locating process from lead generation to invoice collection which is critical to their success.


We are equipped with the resources to respond quickly to changing business drivers through a scalable platform that reports information on a unit level. AIM can play a role in helping companies of all sizes become more competitive by relying on our service for the communication and standard reporting that moves the apartment locating transaction forward. Communication between the leasing staff and the apartment locator is critical and AIM is a comprehensive approach to delivering timely milestones to everyone involved in the transaction.

National Association of Apartment Locators


We work exclusively with NAAL to provide the technology for their Locator Compliance program. NAAL gives free education and free membership to apartment owners and managers, apartment locators have to pay an annual membership fee. AIM was involved in the creation of this trade association in 2011 so all apartment locators would have greater resources and a unified voice. Currently AIM is the technology provider for NAAL and honored to be a part of this ground breaking organization.


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