LocatorFriendly.com provides ratings and reviews to help people find an apartment locator.

Apartment Inventory Management has expanded our apartment locating software



Apartment Inventory Management is now locatorfriendly.com


December 2015 celebrated ten years since we launched AIM Listing Service. Our team has been relentless the last ten years to examine and build apartment locating software that challenges locators to be creative and innovative. Our apartment locating software grew from one market in 2005 to nine markets by 2015. AIM Listing Service started in Houston, designed exclusively for licensed real estate agents to search apartment pricing and availability. We expanded to all four metro cities in Texas plus the Phoenix market by 2011, making AIM the only apartment locating software outside of Texas. Staying committed to our promise to continually  evolve, we converted our entire system to cloud technology in 2012 and added a deeper level of data by including availability and actual unit numbers on our listings.


Building a successful business requires the courage to enforce constant change.


Effective January 1, 2016 we have launched our new brand that will build and support a nationwide apartment locating industry.


LocatorFriendly.com is the evolvement of Apartment Inventory Management and AIM Listing Service into a single company that is uniquely positioned to grow your locating business over the next one, three, five, and ten years.


LocatorFriendly.com is a marketplace to promote apartment locators who demonstrate integrity, performance, and transparency.


As Apartment Inventory Management, we focused exclusively on apartment pricing and availability through our apartment locating software. Our new brand, Locator Friendly expands our products and services to include:


  • Co-marketing programs
  • Public relations
  • Branding
  • Online reputation
  • Data management

There has never been a company more committed to investing our resources into exceptional locating companies.


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LocatorFriendly.com provides ratings and reviews to help people find an apartment locator.


Jodi Southwick is the creator and CEO of LocatorFriendly.com and the National Association of Apartment Locators.

Jodi Southwick, Michele Moellering, Megan Caywood, and Morgan Southwick can still be reached at the same phone number and email addresses. Although our name has changed, our leadership team remains the same. Give us a call to discuss any questions about our company or how we can help promote your locating company.


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