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"Old ways won't open new doors"

AIM uses these core principals to build the first nationwide multi listing service for apartment locators.

• Innovation

• Quality Data

• Communication

• Tracking

• Analytics

• Insight

• Technology

• Optimism

• Education

• Compliance

• Real Estate Law

• Partnerships

Why Apartment Inventory Management?


AIM's innovative approach to comprehensive data, challenges the way it’s always been done to pave the way for real time data for licensed apartment locators. We adapted our platform in 2010 so we can post individual units in the same format as apartment communities. At the 2014 National Apartment Association conference in Denver, it was made clear that apartment technology is gravitating to a unit level. We are currently working with the top five property management accounting software systems to discuss direct integration for apartment locators through AIM Listing Service.


Apartment locators provide the greatest value when they can pre-qualify their clients. Without actual availability and pricing, apartment locators can't pre-qualify or deliver a high quality locating service. An apartment locators ability to "earn" their commission is directly related to the quality of information they can access, which is why AIM is relentless in our pursuit of real availability from apartment communities.


AIM constantly pushes the industry to embrace and evolve technology because in the information age, every company is judged by the quality of their data. We educate the industry about data because maintaining quality control over data of this magnitude is critical, and it's not a one size fits all solution. AIM works exclusively with the National Association of Apartment Locators by developing it's Locator Tracking System and educating the industry about real estate laws that apply to locators.  Our relationship with NAAL gives us a unique insight to develop the tools and collect the data that apartment locators need most. By listening to apartment locators and apartment managers, and producing industry analytics, we are able to focus our efforts on not just improving the data, but improving the industry for everyone.


Every industry evolves, and AIM is committed to being a leader in apartment locating technology.

National Association of Apartment Locators


We work exclusively with NAAL to provide the technology for their Locator Compliance program. NAAL gives free education and free membership to apartment owners and managers, apartment locators have to pay an annual membership fee. AIM was involved in the creation of this trade association in 2011 so all apartment locators would have greater resources and a unified voice. Currently AIM is the technology provider for NAAL and honored to be a part of this ground breaking organization.


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